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CELCO™ is a full service debt recovery company representing over 35 years of experience in the debt collection industry. We strive to provide timely, cost effective solutions to meet or exceed our clients' expectations. 

At CELCO, we pride ourselves on providing innovative technology and services with unsurpassed customer service and quality. CELCO's customers range from cities and counties to states. We have established world-class performance metrics for every aspect of our business and are IRS publication 1075 compliant. All processes to collect your accounts receivable are handled in-house with no third party interaction. We also have the flexibility to customize solutions for clients of all sizes. It is our goal to establish long term relationships based on the proven delivery of service and results.

CELCO's staff is comprised of professional collection specialists that have what it takes to collect effectively and efficiently while staying in compliance with the law. Their goal is to help your customer understand the importance of fulfilling their financial obligation. We have a highly selective recruiting process to ensure we utilize employees with great communication skills  who are self-motivated. CELCO invests time and money into training each collector, so they can effectively work your accounts. We provide constant training and continuing education keeping our collectors aware of changes taking place in the industry.  All CELCO Collectors are trained in FDCPA compliance according to the ACA. 

In addition, we believe that the mark of a truly successful company includes not only its commitment to its employees, but also its civic, political and community involvement. At CELCO, we place a great deal of importance on donating our time, energies, talents and financial support to help those less fortunate and to be active in the local communities where our employees live and work. 

You can call us at 866-613-1020 for Government Collections or 877-507-6643 for Agency Collections or email us at to determine how we can help you.

CELCO is a proud member of the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals .

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