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What separates CELCO™ from the competition?  

Our Competitive Advantage

CELCO provides a systematic approach to locating and contacting debtors until the debt has been fulfilled. We utilize various collections strategies and the most current technology to handle account volumes of any size.


CELCO utilizes CollectOne debt collection software. CollectOne is an award-winning, single source collection solution that provides a feature-rich set of automated business processes to maximize results. CollectOne provides us with the flexibility to manage multiple debt categories and the scalability to meet your growing business needs.


Paired with the CollectOne software, CELCO utilizes the Fusion Connect Telephone System to streamline the communication process. This integrated telephony system helps manage work flow and optimize the time and effort of our multilingual call staff.

CELCO provides all of the technology and services to support the debt recovery effort in-house. Our professional approach to resolving debts in a timely manner sets CELCO apart from the competition. 

Call Center






CELCO's Call Center has taken hundreds of thousands of calls monthly supporting current and past programs.  Our multilingual Call Center utilizes the Fusion Connect Telephone System for a complete telephone solution to streamline the communications process. Intelligent call routing for incoming, outgoing and blended communications ensures that calls are handled quickly and effectively based on your unique business rules.


CELCO has skilled managers who are sensitive to the needs of customers who are attempting to resolve collection issues. We have models for staffing that we have used for over 35 years and tested systems that support our operation and properly measure key program results. Whether you are looking for outbound dialing campaigns or a large message blast, CELCO has the tools and analytics to perform the most customizable calling campaigns to meet your collection needs. 


CELCO's operation center is equipped with a fulfillment center ready to handle all needs of our clients.  CELCO utilizes a high-speed laser printer that prints over 5,000 letters per hour, automated equipment which folds, meters and seals the mailings. In addition, CELCO owns state-of-the-art scanning equipment that handles more than 250,000 documents per month. This technology has been used to not only capture the image and preserve it for historical purposes, but it also facilitates our document management to route the forms for processing in the most efficient manner. 

CELCO has an internal audit staff that ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and the practices and policies of our clients.  The audit staff is responsible to monitor that each collector follows the  Fair Debt Collections Practices Act and all accounts are reviewed for quality assurance. All program matrix and statistics are compiled into our robust SQL reporting environment designed to identify key performance statistics, financial data, call center results, and any other reports desired by our clients. All the information is contained within our secure environment and are available on-line 24/7.

CELCO has an entire operating culture built around debt recovery programs. Our facilities, technology, reporting systems, disaster recovery plans, and financial management systems are built for these types of programs. CELCO hosts all customer data and utilizes encryption software when sending or retrieving data on specific accounts. CELCO has an established test environment that is unique to each new client. CELCO is IRS publication 1075 compliant, safeguarding tax payers' information. 

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